Our aim:

Our aim is to raise funds to allow for provision of specialist items, equipment, resource and support which may be required by children with complex needs in areas covered by a "PL" postcode. Please join us on a journey to help make significant difference to the lives of those children.

E-mail : admin@pl-ease.org.uk

Monday, 16 February 2009

Bucket collection

Our next fundraising expedition takes us across the bridge to Saltash. Waitrose have offered us 21st and 22nd Feb for bucket collections at their store. Not sure of the exact timings yet - as there are only two of us available at the moment we may do a couple of 4 hour stints over the weekend, or one full day.

This is a useful way of fundraising - costs nothing other than time, and allows the opportunity to give more details of the charity to members of the public. Most probably haven't heard of us, or are aware that we exist, so it is always useful to get the opportunity to spread the word. Never know what the next donation, or donor, will bring.

We will have concert tickets with us, so hopefully can sell a few more of those at the same time.

Offers of help for the bucket collection gratefully received!

Take care,