Our aim:

Our aim is to raise funds to allow for provision of specialist items, equipment, resource and support which may be required by children with complex needs in areas covered by a "PL" postcode. Please join us on a journey to help make significant difference to the lives of those children.

E-mail : admin@pl-ease.org.uk

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Tickets on sale

Tickets for our March charity concert are now on sale.

Priced at £5 each, the tickets give you entry to the Devonport Playhouse on the evening of March 28th. The concert features music from talented artists including Sam Ho, Jenny Keegan, Josie Newton, Steve Osman and Katie Marie (pictured).

You can purchase tickets by post or phone. E-mail us for details at admin@pl-ease.org.uk.

ALL proceeds go to PL-ease.

Examples of Katie Marie's songs and style can be found at http://www.myspace.com/funkeegirl

See you all there.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Back to work blues

Is it me, or have the "back to work blues" not bothered to put in an appearance this month?

Back to work for a week, and everything seems to be going okay. Voluntary redundancy is on the cards for those who applied, but the rest of us seem secure at the moment. Work is busy - no budget cuts in our area, and more work coming in.

Went into Plymouth City Centre on Saturday morning and realised the same cannot be true for everyone. So many shops now being boarded up - the recession / credit crunch seems to be hitting. I hope that this will be short-lived. It seems that people get divided into two widely spaced camps at times like these. Those who are cutting back and making savings just to make ends meet, and those who are fully employed in (fairly) secure employment who are making the most of the sales and special offers being made by those stores who are trying to survive.

Will there be any casualties among charities in times like this?

Here's hoping that 2009 brings an end to the economic downturn.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

Welcome 2009

The start of a new year. This brings great anticipation for us as a charity.

We reached the £1000 mark in fundraising at the end of 2008, and are now looking to put this to good use. We also have a number of fundraising events lined up for 2009, and are looking forward to working again with some of the people who helped us in 2008.

So, our aims for 2009:
  • to show the Charities Commission that we believe our income for 2009 will exceed £5000
  • to become registered with the Charities Commission
  • to spread the word about our charity as far and wide as possible
  • to organise a wide range of creative fundraising activities
  • to recruit a few more trustees
  • to recruit volunteers for fundraising events

Please spread the word, and get as many people supporting us along the way.

Let's make 2009 a truly great year!