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Our aim is to raise funds to allow for provision of specialist items, equipment, resource and support which may be required by children with complex needs in areas covered by a "PL" postcode. Please join us on a journey to help make significant difference to the lives of those children.

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Thursday, 23 April 2009

Plymouth history

Been looking at photos and comments on the Herald website. Found this really interesting site containing photos, stories etc regarding Plymouth's history. http://plymouthlocalhistory.blogspot.com/

Full marks to the organiser for keeping the site running and updated.


Sunday, 12 April 2009


Pity we didn't have a bigger audience at the charity concert. All those who attended said how much they enjoyed the music and the great venue. Videos of the performers are on our myspace site www.myspace.com/plymouthplease

The concert just about made a profit, but we are hoping to put together another concert in the future. Many lessons were learned through this experience - we probably started too early and lost a bit of momentum towards the end. We also agreed to "tickets on the door" - perhaps we should have pushed harded for the sale at the time. And...many who said they would attend simply did not show.

I think we also took too much on, with one or two people trying to juggle too many things. We will look to get more support for the next event - perhaps trying to get other charities involved, having a more prolonged marketing campaign, and looking to others with more experience of these kind of things.

Looking forward to the challenge!

Finally, we are now twitter-ing! We have signed up to Twitter. (See below). Not sure how useful this will be - but time will tell.

Hope you are all enjoying Easter. Let us know if there are events we should try, or if you want to help arrange future events.